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An Integral Look at Illness

Illness is often looked at as something apart from normal life when in fact it IS normal life.  Using the integral map, we can see how illness is a part of every aspect of life: our physical reality, our personal interior experience, interactions with the medical system, and relationships with family, friends, and society.

We offer several courses in illness management, the shadow of illness, illness as a path to personal growth, and illness as a spiritual practice for awakening.


Click here for a course in using the integral map to manage chronic illness

img2Dr. Lynn Royster Fuentes founded and administered a university program for students with chronic illness, created and taught a university course on chronic illness, served for several years on the board of a national illness organization, and has herself been a caregiver for several decades. Lynn has degrees in political science, communication, law, and conflict management. Her Ph.D. was based in integral theory which informs this unique approach to illness management.