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New Book By Dr. Lynn Fuentes

It’s Not Too Late: You Can Grow a Bright Future Starting Right Now

coverimage-iconIn It’s Not Too Late, Dr. Fuentes provides a simple step-by-step guide to creating the life we were truly meant to live. This book shows us how to resurrect our lost or “impossible” dreams, step onto a path of our own choosing, and succeed in achieving our most treasured goals. Buy Here

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  • An opportunity to create a personal map for personal growth and spiritual development.   Gain clarity on what these terms mean for you and develop a picture of what your own growth looks like in domains ranging from the spiritual to … Continue reading

  • An opportunity to apply the integral map to understanding and managing chronic illness.  Whether patient, caregiver, policy maker, or provider, you will gain insight into multiple approaches to healthcare and discover how illness can serve as a path to spiritual … Continue reading

  • Design your own path through the adult developmental stages, take an SQ21 Spiritual Intelligence assessment  to locate yourself on the spectrum of spiritual development, get meditation coaching from a master, create a plan for a deferred dream.   Join intimate coaching … Continue reading

  • An introduction to the essential steps in meditation:  relaxation, accepting things as they are, being alert, being aware, and engaging in inquiry.   Each step is taught with careful guidance with multiple opportunities for practice.  Understanding is grounded in the interrelationship … Continue reading

  • A practical approach to living in the Now. The Now Technique re-trains the body, heart and mind to communicate in a harmonious flow, thus reducing stress and returning us to a state in which we feel serene and present and … Continue reading