The Six Skills of Meditation

A weekly meditation class
To be delivered online in 2018

This course teaches meditation as a way of transforming the self through self-awareness. Being integral and holistic, it explores interrelationships between body, mind, and spirit.

Being present is the state of the witness, is a state of perfect harmony in which the body-mind instrument is attuned to the deep Self. In the state of presence what we think, what we feel, and what we say, are in perfect alignment and the source and motivation of these functions is our true Self.

By meditating regularly, you begin to get acquainted with your natural or awakened Self. This natural Self is a much better governor of your being than your mind, which is better constructed to execute the decisions of the natural Self rather than to act as decision maker. Getting in touch with this natural Self allows your life to unfold much less stressfully and much more successfully. Meditation is the primary tool for connecting to the higher states because meditation allows us to go beyond the mind.

Many other benefits stem from meditation including more restful sleep, lowered blood pressure, increased memory, expanded capacity to learn, and better ability to concentrate.

“Meditation is the foundation of self-development and well-being.” — Tarthang Tulku

In this class, the beginning meditator will learn a simple process of meditation with easy to grasp steps, education on the why and how of each step, opportunities for guided practice, and a chance to experience the power of interacting as a group.

The intermediate meditator will find that he or she is able to get in touch with more subtle aspects of being such as the heart and the intuition.

The advanced meditator will find an opportunity for a deep dive into the fundamental meaning and purpose of meditation, an opportunity to share practice experience with others, and the chance to receive support from a teacher with decades of experience in meditation.


Participants will learn:

♦  How to adopt a more effective strategy on thought, rather than trying to stop thinking.
♦  How to see and accept things as they are and in the here and now.
♦  How to gain clarity and understanding of the elements governing thoughts, images, emotions, feelings, judgments and sensations.

Participants will attain:

♦  Reduction of fear.
♦  More self-control and inner peace.
♦  A balanced mind with greater love and compassion.
♦  Increased awareness

Meditation Teacher: Jose Ricardo Fuentes

ACEJose Ricardo has dedicated his life to the embodiment of transformation, personal growth, and spiritual development. He was born in Colombia and educated as an Industrial Engineer with a major in Human Development. After leaving school, he worked as HR director for Colombia, Venezuela, and Ecuador for Merck Corporation. At the age of 28, he left the business to pursue spiritual development. He lived in an ashram (spiritual community) for eight years, practicing meditation and community service and serving as abbot of the community. He has been teaching and practicing meditation and spiritual development for 50 years.

Email: — Phone. 928-852-0055

Classes online in 2018