21 skills of Spiritual Intelligence

Jose and Lynn Fuentes present the 21 skills of Spiritual Intelligence at a meeting of Integral Sedona. Whether we are religious believers, atheists, or anything in between, it turns out that we agree quite easily on what it means to be spiritually evolved human being. Developing these 21 skills will help you to get there.

Adult Developmental Stages – Part 1.

Dr. Lynn Fuentes asks us to examine our own development through recognized stages of meaning-making. She avoids stereotypes and labeling and highlights the healthy capacities that each stage offers to our world.

Part 1 deals with basic patterns of development and characteristics of stages through modern consciousness.

Adult Developmental Stages – Part 2.

Dr. Lynn Fuentes

Part 2 begins with postmodern consciousness and continues through the highest stages of development.

Why It Is Important to Grow Up before Waking Up

Dr. Lynn Fuentes

We often toss aside personal growth in the rush to awaken spiritually. However, the latest iteration of adult developmental theory by Terri O’Fallon shows us that, as she puts it, “Growing up IS waking up.” Cognitive, moral, and ego development allows us to embrace more depth and complexity and thus enables us to “hold” greater spiritual experience, which may be disconcerting and even terrifying at lower levels of ego development.

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Adult Stage Development

Dr. Lynn Fuentes describes the revolutionary discoveries of the past thirty years of adult development research.

She shows how they can be applied to help people grow and transform.

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Integral Theory

Jose Ricardo Fuentes presents an overview of Integral Theory.

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Six Skills of Meditation

Jose Ricardo Fuentes presents the six skills of meditation Meditation made simple. I define meditation as the art of becoming intimate with your true Self, which for me is Love. Intimacy with Love makes us increasingly wise an compassionate.

The presentation was sponsored by Integral Sedona