Transformation Teaching

About Lynn Fuentes

“With each level of maturity gained, our perspectives widen, our present expands, and our serenity is greater. We hold life more lightly but as ever more precious”

Lynn Fuentes, CEO of Transformation Teaching, has been a lawyer, a mediator, a university professor and administrator, and an educational course designer. An experienced classroom and online instructor with a BA, MA, JD, and PhD, she has designed and taught courses in transpersonal psychology, writing, planning, chronic illness, and conflict management at Prescott College and DePaul University, where she also founded and directed the Chronic Illness Initiative, a program to help students with chronic illness obtain a degree.  She has been a long-term caregiver for severely ill family members and a volunteer in many areas, including serving for many years as a board member of the Solve ME/CFS Initiative.

Lynn has skill with several methods of personal growth including various forms of shadow work, personal inquiry, life planning, and meditation. A longtime student of integral philosophy, she has published integrally oriented essays and articles on conflict resolution and illness management and weaves integral ideas into her course design and teaching. Her books include It’s Not Too Late, After the Wrecking Ball: Ten Principles for Finding Peace Amidst Conflict, and Harry Harrison Wigglesworth the Sixteenth and The Freedom Strain. She is also an expert in adult stage development, and frequently presents on that subject in person and online.

Currently, her primary area of expertise and interest is The Koan of Illness course series, an integral approach to working with illness as a personal and spiritual growth path.  She has also been part of a team that developed the first Hispanoamerican Integral Encounter in Bogotá in 2019.

Lynn lives in Sedona, AZ and follows an integral life practice of physical, psychological, meditative, and cognitive development.