The Koan Of Illness

“With each level of maturity gained, our perspectives widen, our present expands, and our serenity is greater. We hold life more lightly but as ever more precious”

— Lynn Fuentes

“With each level of maturity gained, our perspectives widen, our present expands, and our serenity is greater. We hold life more lightly but as ever more precious”

— Lynn Fuentes

What does it mean to Grow Up and Wake Up?

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The Koan Of Illness Series

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The Koan of Illness Series

Does the complexity of chronic illness management overwhelm you? Do you struggle to navigate the paperwork, the emotions, the lifestyle changes that illness brings?

Everyone who deals with illness, whether patient, caregiver, provider, or administrator, deals with a complex mixture of personal, technical, institutional, and spiritual issues.

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The Six Skills of Meditation

Meditation is a way of transforming the self through self-observation. It involves the development of particular skills, among them being able to relax and concentrate, to remain imperturbable despite inner and outer distractions, to be alert, and to be aware. Being integral and holistic, it explores interrelationships between body, mind, and…

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How to Grow Up and Wake Up

Everyone talks about personal and spiritual growth, but few offer a comprehensive map of what that looks like. Using the lens of integral theory, we will look at our personal evolution in relation to the self/Self, the “other,” and the objective world through the concrete, subtle, and causal levels of development. The course is designed to provide clarity and…

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It's Not Too Late

Without support and feedback, it is hard to realize our dreams. Books can give us the how to on goal setting. Motivational speakers can get us up and running. But who cheers us on when we’re only halfway through the marathon?

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The Four Dimensions of Healing

Healing is not a one dimensional experience. Illness brings issues to all aspects of your life. This integral map shows us how to get a handle on each of the four fundamental areas we need to heal: our personal trauma, our relationships, our interactions with…

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I Should Have Done It Yesterday

Perfectionism leads to procrastination. Learn some tips for dealing with both in this mini course. In four days, you will understand why you procrastinate and what you can do about it – and you will also have a dreaded task completed!

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Lynn Christine Fuentes, PhD.

“With each level of maturity gained, our perspectives widen, our present expands, and our serenity is greater. We hold life more lightly but as ever more precious”

— More about Lynn

— The Koan of Illness

José Ricardo Fuentes

“Meditation is the art of becoming intimate with your true Self, which for me is Love. Intimacy with love makes us increasingly wise and compassionate.”

— More about José

— La Vida Integral

Meet Lynn and Jose

Lynn and Jose are leading exponents of the new wave of consciousness that is coming into the world. Long time teachers of integral philosophy and life practice, of “waking up” and “growing up” which merges Eastern awakening practice with western developmental psychology, they bring clarity to often obscure spiritual and psychological subjects and inspire others to find lives of peace, balance, joy, and love.

Lynn has degrees in politics, communication, law, and transpersonal psychology. She has worked as a lawyer, mediator, college professor and online course designer and teacher. The founder of the Chronic Illness Initiative at DePaul University and an expert in chronic illness, she has taught and written on psychology, conflict resolution, health, and development. Her books include After the Wrecking Ball, It’s Not Too Late, and Harry Harrison Wigglesworth the Sixteenth and the Freedom Strain.

The founder of Computer World in Colombia, Jose has a degree in engineering, many years of experience as a monastic, and many years in the telecommunications industry in both the USA and Colombia.

Both are certified as coaches in SQ 21 (The 21 Skills of Spiritual Intelligence) and in the Now Technique. Jose is certified in The Sedona Method, Conscious Language of Mastery Systems, and AONC, and Lynn is certified as a StAGES debriefer and a Lectica debriefer. Both practice an integral life of meditation, cognitive and psychological development, physical fitness, and service to others.

As recognized leaders in the integral movement, their mission is to help usher this new consciousness into the world.

After the Wrecking Ball: Ten Principles for Finding Peace Amidst Conflict

Dr. Lynn Christine Fuentes

After her life fell apart in l995, the author “received” ten spiritual principles that guided her to develop a new and thrilling life. This book describes how these principles can work in our lives and how to use them to create abundance, joy, happy relationships, and peace.

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It’s Not Too Late: You Can Grow a Bright Future Starting Right Now

Dr. Lynn Royster Fuentes

Millions of adults are disillusioned, disappointed, and even despairing about the way their life has turned out. They may have worked hard and done what they were supposed to do, but the rewards they expected aren’t there for them. Others may have made major mistakes and fear they will continue to be held back by them for the rest of their lives. This book shows us how to resurrect our lost or “impossible” dreams, step onto a path of our own choosing, and succeed in achieving our most treasured goals.

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