The Koan Of Illness


We offer the Stages International Assessment which determines levels of adult development and the SQ21 Assessment which looks at your spiritual intelligence in a number of domains.

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The Stages International Assessment.

A STAGES Assessment helps you to determine your stage of perspective development and nurture it over time.

Your Assessment relies on an understanding of human development through the latest researched levels, explains what those levels mean and look like, and describes how to actualize them in your own life.

When you order a test, you will receive a link to take it. It usually takes about an hour. After your assessment is complete, it will be scored by a certified STAGES Scorer within three weeks.

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The SQ21 Spiritual Intelligence 21 Skills Inventory.

Expertly created, carefully validated – this self-assessment allows you to examine where you are today on developing and sustaining the 21 skills of Spiritual Intelligence.

It is an online assessment. You answer a series of questions and receive a 20 page report (the report prints in English). Additional coaching to debrief the report and develop a personal action plan is highly recommended.

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