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The Stages International Assessment.

A STAGES Assessment helps you to determine your stage of perspective development and nurture it over time. Your Assessment relies on an understanding of human development through the latest researched levels, explains what those levels mean and look like, and describes how to actualize them in your own life.

 Lynn Fuentes is a Practictioner Partner, a certified scorer and a certified debriefer.

How is STAGES different from other developmental models?

While the developmental research on which it is based grew out of the Loevinger/Cook-Greuter developmental lineage, the theory and scoring method are completely new. Based on essential patterns of development, STAGES articulates both the wave-like patterns, as well as vertical stage aspects of development. STAGES statistical research supports three new, later stages of development.  It is an integrally based model, incorporating quadrants, levels and zones, assessing both context and whole person.

The test

All Stages Assessments are done using a survey method called a Sentence Completion Test (SCT), a well-established methodology that is widely used in psychological research. The person taking the Assessment is given a list of sentence stems and is asked to complete each sentence.

When you order a test, you will receive a link to take it. It usually takes about an hour. After your assessment is complete, it will be scored by a certified STAGES Scorer within three weeks.

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Your personalized PDF report includes

  • A summary statement that describes your core level of development and the range of your scores.
  • The themes expressed in four categories: interiors, actions, relationships, and systems orientation.
  • Recommendations for practice based on the results.
  • A copy of your answers to the assessment questions.
  • An explanation of the scoring.
  • A discussion of your trailing edge (the stage just below your own
  • Insights on your leading edge (the stage just above your own)
  • Recommendations for your further growth

An Assessment Debrief

Helps you to better understand what your scores mean. In your Assessment Debriefing Session, a certified STAGES Debriefer will fully explain your personalized report, answer specific questions you may have, and offer you context for the places you are likely being challenged.

Full Length Comprehensive Assessment and Debrief


The Comprehensive Assessment comes with a downloadable PDF report and a session with a certified STAGES Debriefer. Debriefing is not like coaching but rather is a specifically designed process to walk you through your Assessment results and to give you plenty of time to ask your own questions.

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Debrief is deeply discounted if you are taking a Transformation Teaching course

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If you are looking for a Spanish language assessment or you have financial issues due to chronic illness, please contact [email protected]. Some discounts may be possible.

Specialty Assessment


Specialty Assessments are designed to provide both your overall developmental level and your level inside of a speciality. Stages works with researchers in their fields to create statistically accurate assessments, specific to any topic.

For information about Specialty Assessments please contact Lynn at [email protected]

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