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The SQ21 Spiritual Intelligence 21 Skills Inventory.

Expertly created, carefully validated – this self-assessment allows you to examine where you are today on developing and sustaining the 21 skills of Spiritual Intelligence.
It is an online assessment. You answer a series of questions and receive a 20 page report (the report prints in English). Additional coaching to debrief the report and develop a personal action plan is highly recommended.

For a sample report. – to read more about Lynn as a certified SQ21 coach

We define spirituality as the innate need to be connected to something larger than ourselves – something which we define as sacred or of great nobility. The famous psychologist Abraham Maslow studied what made people healthy and fully “actualized.” He said in his final book, Farther Reaches of Human Nature, that “Man has a higher and transcendent nature, and this is part of his essence.” (p. 337) and that “Man is a hierarchy of needs, with the biological needs at the base of the hierarchy and the spiritual needs at the top.” (p. 186)

We believe that all human beings are born “spiritual” – but not spiritually intelligent. Intelligences are skills that have to be developed over time. Spiritual intelligence is the development of certain skills. These skills are related to the ability to act with wisdom and compassion while maintaining inner and outer peace (equanimity), regardless of the circumstances. Spiritual Intelligences is an innate human capacity that is made available to us if we are willing to develop it.

The SQ21 Spiritual Intelligence 21 Skills Inventory.

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The SQ21 plus one hour debrief.

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We can also offer the test and debrief in Spanish (note that the report is printed in English)

After you purchase the assessment, you will receive a password and instructions via email (within 1 business day). You take the assessment online (there are several languages available). You can close it out and return to it if you need to. Most people find they need 20 to 30 minutes to complete the assessment. After you complete the survey and hit the submit button you will receive your report via email in 1 to 2 business days. Reports run about 20 pages in length (– with lots of information customized for you based on how you answered the questions.

This assessment is faith-neutral – in other words it does not matter what your belief system is, the terminology used can fit your perspective. There is a pop-up glossary of all words shown in RED in the survey – so you can get real-time help with what a word means.