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It's Not Too Late

You Can Grow a Bright Future Starting Right Now

Millions of adults are disillusioned, disappointed, and even despairing about the way their life has turned out. They may have worked hard and done what they were supposed to do, but the rewards they expected aren’t there for them. Others may have made major mistakes and fear they will continue to be held back by them for the rest of their lives. This book shows us how to resurrect our lost or “impossible” dreams, step onto a path of our own choosing, and succeed in achieving our most treasured goals.

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From the Author

Author, Lynn Christine Fuentes, sat down for an exclusive interview about her inspiration for this book and how it can be so useful to many others who fell stuck.



In It's Not Too Late, Dr. Fuentes provides a simple step-by-step guide to creating the life we were truly meant to live. This book shows us how to resurrect our lost or "impossible" dreams, step onto a path of our own choosing, and succeed in achieving our most treasured goals.

Using the Vision/Strategy/Action model that was so successful with her students, Dr. Fuentes helps readers to identify their hidden wishes and hopes and to understand why they have not yet come to fruition. She leads them in an exploration of their goals and shows them how to turn seeming obstacles into steppingstones. Then she gently helps them into those first crucial steps of making their dream a reality.

The method outlined in this book is something that anyone can use. It does not require any special training or education. It can be applied to small problems and large ones. It works for goals as varied as helping an aging parent or restructuring a business operation. It can be used by individuals and by groups.

The focus of It's Not Too Late is on practicality, do-ability, and specificity. At the end of the book, the reader will have in hand a fully worked out, realistic, and achievable plan for realizing their dream. The book can be used over and over again for new goals. Whether you are looking for a mate, hoping for a promotion, or wanting to begin a charitable project, you will see your idea in a new light, get clarity on the baby steps necessary to make it happen, and find yourself on the road to a new future.

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About the Author

Dr. Lynn Royster Fuentes

Lynn Fuentes has pursued a path of personal and spiritual growth for many years in conjunction with a varied career as a lawyer, mediator, journalist and university professor. She received her B.A. from the University of Michigan, her M.A. from Prescott College, her J.D. from George Washington University, and her Ph.D. from the Union Institute and University. Currently, Lynn and her husband own and manage their company, Transformation Teaching, LLC, which offers personal and spiritual growth coaching, courses, and related resources. Prior to starting the company, she designed and taught courses in conflict management, chronic illness, adult psychology, and writing at Prescott College and DePaul University, where she also founded and directed the Chronic Illness Initiative, a unique program to help chronically ill students obtain a college education. Dr. Fuentes also serves on the board of the Solve ME/CFS Initiative. She has two grown children and lives in Dallas with her husband, Jose Ricardo Fuentes, and very old cat, Sophie.

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