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The Four Dimensions of Healing

Improve Your Health through Synergies

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A Hidden Map of Chronic Illness

Do you wonder how to manage the complex world of insurance and hospitals and employment in the face of illness? Do you struggle with inner fears and resentments that play out in your relationships and in the health of your body? Do you find the doctor patient relationship less productive than it might be?

The integral map highlights the four basic areas in which illness plays out.  Without knowledge of this map, you may find yourself floundering in the complexities that chronic illness brings in its wake. 

In this course, you'll find six modules packed with information about many aspects of chronic illness. Whether you are a patient, a provider, a caregiver, or an administrator, this map of illness will help you improve your health, happiness, and effectiveness.

Heal Your Inner Self

Heal the trauma of illness.

Heal Your Outer Self

Your body and your surroundings need care and attention.

Heal Your Relationships

Help your relationships to evolve in healthy ways.

Heal Your Systems Stress

Learn to manage the project of illness.

Course Overview

  • MODULE 1: Course Information and Introductions
  • MODULE 2: Overview: Chronic Illness Basics & the Integral Map
  • MODULE 3: Four Windows into Chronic Illness: The Integral Quadrants
  • MODULE 4: Communication and Conflict across the Quadrants
  • MODULE 5: Using the Model for Personal and Spiritual Growth
  • MODULE 6: Integration; Creating Your Personal Map

Understand the Four Dimensions of Healing

Understand the four dimensions of healing and how you can improve your health and life in each one. Working with all four offers the opportunity for a more comprehensive view of illness and more options for healing.

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Your Instructor

Dr. Lynn Royster Fuentes

Lynn is an experienced college professor and online instructor with a BA, MA, JD, and PhD. She designed and taught courses in chronic illness and founded and directed the Chronic Illness Initiative, a program to help students with chronic illness obtain a degree. Lynn served on the board of the Solve ME/CFS Association of America for many years and has been a long-term caregiver for severely ill family members.