The Koan Of Illness

Grow up and wake up individually or with a group

We offer multiple types of coaching:

Learn about Integral

Learn about the growing up and waking up landscape and design a custom plan for your own growth.

Stage Development Assessment

We are certified to offer assessment tests by STAGES International. For more information, please go here.

Dealing With Illness

Are you a caregiver or a patient struggling with issues of chronic illness? Lynn brings a wealth of experience from her thirty years of caring for severely ill family members. Find solutions to practical, personal, and spiritual issues that come with the world of illness.

Deepen Your Connection

Deepen your connection to spirit. Jose has been meditating and teaching meditation for 50 years. Learn his five-step process and how it helps you to connect to your higher power.

Spiritual Intelligence

Interested in evaluating your spiritual intelligence? Sign up for an SQ21 assessment.

Life Purpose

Create a new life path. Do you have a dream you have set aside for too long? Work with Lynn to set goals and plan how you will achieve them. Lynn has been teaching planning and goal setting for fifteen years as a university professor and a personal coach. It’s not too late to have the life you want.