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“The path of development is a path of growing up. The path of meditative development towards emptiness is a path of waking up. And we need both waking up and growing up because what we’ve found is that people can be highly advanced in meditation and rather poorly advanced in their relative perspectives. And conversely, they can be highly developed in their relative perspectives and poorly advanced in their meditative or contemplative awareness. And both are needed.”  Ken Wilber – philosopher, mystic, and founder of the Integral Institute.

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New Book By Dr. Lynn Fuentes

It’s Not Too Late: You Can Grow a Bright Future Starting Right Now

coverimage-iconIn It’s Not Too Late, Dr. Fuentes provides a simple step-by-step guide to creating the life we were truly meant to live. This book shows us how to resurrect our lost or “impossible” dreams, step onto a path of our own choosing, and succeed in achieving our most treasured goals. Buy Here

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