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Ronald Lackey-Logistical Analyst

Lynn Royster was my professor for Advocacy & Self-Determination at DePaul University, and it was not only an excellent class, Lynn taught me how to be a “perpetual advocate” for myself and other veterans. She also helped advice me for the veterans club that I started at DePaul, and it was due to her help […]

Thomas Sandonato

I just want to say thank you for all your devotion to this class. You are truly a wonderful teacher! “You have been kind, thoughtful, quick to respond, and an excellent teacher. I never would have imagined getting to know someone over the Internet, but I believe these characteristics represent you in a genuine way. […]

Andrés De Castro _Ontological Coach

“For many years I wondered what to say to you, the Angel who restores faith in God. When you approached me with a surprise in your hands, “A Course in Miracles,” you were the messenger who was to impact the most important aspect of my life, my relationship with God. Jose Ricardo, thanks for respecting […]


An introduction to the essential steps in meditation:  relaxation, accepting things as they are, being alert, being aware, and engaging in inquiry.   Each step is taught with careful guidance with multiple opportunities for practice.  Understanding is grounded in the interrelationship between body, mind, and spirit; participants learn both about meditation and how to practice meditation […]


A practical approach to living in the Now. The Now Technique re-trains the body, heart and mind to communicate in a harmonious flow, thus reducing stress and returning us to a state in which we feel serene and present and capable of handling life’s challenges.  Through simple exercises we learn to cultivate a state of […]