Escalating levels of Consciousness.

I made a few changes and adaptations of some models and this is my version of four possible escalating levels of Consciousness.

Many people never find their way out of a level and that’s OK because the universe/spirit/God has given us free-will to fall down and get back up as many times as it takes for us to figure it out. AMEN !

1. Unconscious Unconsciousness

At this stage we are not even aware that we are unconscious. We attract negative things into our life at a rapid pace, as if we have developed a negative ball of energy rolling downhill. Nothing is ever our fault and we are always looking for someone to blame. We become a virtual ‘Poster Child’ for ‘Co Dependency’

2. Conscious Unconsciousness

Here we are aware of our thinking, both negative and positive, and the consequences they might bring. We begin to see our  patterns, in particular our negative ones, and have become more aware of what it is we are attracting. We may not like what we are attracting, and we begin to take responsibility — by learning from it.

3. Conscious Consciousness

We realize clearly that ‘Free Will’ means: we choose our own reality and deliberately decide to focus pure and positive intention with feeling and thought on our evermore clear dream — purpose. At the same time we learn to embrace all resistance to its arrival as an opportunity to grow as a human being. We begin to learn that creation is a manifestation of our Inner connection to Presence. That our intentions, as they become more in alignment with the increasingly felt Inner Presence, are more real. We can acknowledge the opportunities as they present themselves, and we are equipped to overcome difficulties.

4. Unconscious Consciousness

When we get to this point, we do not have to work so hard to create things in our life; in fact in this stage there is less and less effort, just gratitude. We have formed the habit of being aware. We are present and One with Inner Presence. We have found Unity with All that IS. We live moment to moment in the eternity of the present with no opposition to what IS already the case Here and Now. We have an understanding based on Intuition, Faith and Innocence and not in mental elaborations. Instead of looking for the sense of life we now for sure that life makes sense. People call us the “LUCKY ONES.”

Remember: “Consciousness”

  • Knowing WHAT we are DOING and WHY we are doing it
  • Knowing WHAT we are FEELING and WHY we are feeling it
  • Knowing WHAT we are THINKING and WHY we are thinking it
  • Knowing WHAT we are SAYING and WHY we are saying it
  • Knowing WHO We are
  • WHY we are Here and WHY Now

The big discovery: I AM

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