Chronic Illness

Chronic Illness


Hispanoamerican Encounter 2019

The Koan of Chronic Illness: An Integral Approach by Lynn Fuentes.


Encuentro Hispanoamericano 2019

El Koan de la Enfermedad Crónica: Un Enfoque Integral by Lynn Fuentes.


For the provider

Working with Patients with ME/CFS and their Caregivers by Lynn Fuentes.


The Man Behind the Framework

World renowned for his life philosophy, Ken Wilber’s framework for living was put to the test when he was struck by CFS in 1985.
Today, the man and the philosophy survive and thrive. Here’s a peek at how by Lynn Royster (Fuentes)





The Chronic Illness Initiative

Supporting College Students with Chronic Illness Needs at DePaul University.



Crossing the Bridge

An essay on when to intervene by Lynn Holaday Fuentes.


Much to Be Grateful For

The story of a mother’s effort to help her son and a family’s struggle to cope with ME/CFS by Lynn Royster Fuentes.