Integral Resources

Integral Resources

Quadrant Video

A six minute video describing the quadrants

The 3-2-1 Shadow Process

First, choose what you want to work with.


Integral Discourse:
A Commodious, Growthful, and Cooperative Approach to Conflict

Integrative Practices in Rhetoric, Developmental Psychology, and Conflict Management. PhD Dissertation by Lynn C Holaday, Ph.D.

Stage Development Theory:

A Natural Framework for Understanding the Mediation Process.
Using adult developmental theory as a window into the mediation process by Lynn C. Holaday, Ph.D.

Abstract: Scholars and practitioners of mediation have generally paid little attention to the development of theoretical frameworks for understanding what is taking place in the mediation process. By “borrowing” from stages of adult psychological development theory (in this scheme, physical; hedonistic/impulsive; conformist/authority-seeking; rational/individualistic; and integrative), we can better understand some of the behaviors that people exhibit in mediation and perhaps find ways to help parties expand their behavioral repertoires so that new avenues for resolution appear to them. Using frequent examples from mediation practice, the author describes each stage, then assesses the limits and possibilities of relating this theoretical framework to mediation. She sees this juxtaposition of theory to practice not so much as a “how to” for mediation practice, but rather as a new window through which mediators can view mediation clients, the mediation process, and their own behavior in the mediation room.

Wicked and Wise in a Nutshell

The principles outlined in this workbook are derived from Wicked and Wise, How to Solve the Worlds’ Toughest Problems
by Alan Watkins and  Ken Wilber.

An Integral Perspective by Bettina Hartmann

A beautiful set of graphics detailing the AQAL Map.

First Tier vs. Second Tier Discourse

A chart outlining aspects of an integral conversation.

Universal Translator Post Conventional Stages

This table lists various elements ranging from self-sense to limitations of the higher stages from Green through Indigo.
Stagen Institute has a table for Red through Green for those who are interested earlier stages.

Integral Resources

A list of prime sites for information about Integral philosophy.